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/// Disclaimer - This is a Demo version of a Beta Build, some aspects of the game are subjected to changes \\\

--- CONTROLS ---

W - Throttle

S - Brake

A / D - Turn Left / Right

Q / E - Strafe Left / Right

Double Q / E - Side roll Left / Right

SPACE - Shoot

--- THE GAME ---

Angel Flare is a new approach to aerial shoot'em ups. We have created a shooter, but we also added minor RPG elements, such as pilots that affect the Plane controls, different types of planes each with varying attributes, unique upgrades for you plane, weapons and wingmen. Yes, in AngelFlare, you can have wingmen that help you fight, protect you, or collect items for you. Even these wingmen have upgrades! Angel Flare is all about customization, with hundreds of possible loadouts!


The world of Angel Flare is set in a fictitious future where new countries have emerged and old ones disappeared. The game is told by the memories of one of the pilots, Rob, thus the vintage colour scheme. He is remembering the days that lead him and his friends to be professional pilots. Can you remember the day you made that crucial decision that changed your life? That's Angel Flare story.

AngelFlare is a new sport in the world, imagine the combination of Formula One/Nascar with Laser Tag/Paint Ball on the sky. So the weapons and ammunition are not military class type, they are ineffective and used only for show.


* 15+ Different Fighter Jets, with each one having its own specific attributes

* 10+ Types of weapons (Missiles, Lasers, Incendiary Missiles, Prism Lasers and more)

* 20+ Unique upgrades for the plane (Afterburners, Anti-Gravity Engine, Stealth Body…)

* 6 Pilots with unique Skills and one unique superpower (Hacking, Time Slow, Call reinforcements…)

* 3 Types of Wingman to accompany you on the air skirmishes

* Challenges Maps, With unique set of rules and conditions (How many enemies can you destroy with only 10 missiles? Can you win if your plane inverts its steering every 30 seconds?)

* A robust system of collectable blueprints that allow you to create new planes, and upgrade your existing ones

* Stunning Visuals with a unique art style


We created a combination of Jets and Pilots, where each plane has its own Stats and each pilot, their own specific Skills. Some planes are better for sniping Airbots (the enemies) while others are better on front assault.

The pilots really change up gameplay with their special power, and set of upgradeable skills. Some can disable enemy weapons from afar, employing an EMP, while others can boost player health and shields. It's all up to you to choose your own play style embodied in one of the 6 unique pilots.


In Angel Flare, instead of purchasing planes, you encounter blueprints while you fly. Blueprints will allow you to craft a plane and have varying degrees of quality. The better the blue print, the better your plane will be. These Blueprints are just the beginning to the crafting system. Planes can all be disassembled for parts, sold for currency, or upgraded with other parts!

--- GAME MODES? ---

Angel Flare is currently planned to launch with a set of Challenge Maps, which will set the player with an Objective to complete within a time level. In addition, Angel Flare will feature a Skirmish Mode, where the player is pitted against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies, where they will compete for High Scores.


We are planning to release sometime in the Fall of 2015 on the following platforms:

- PC


- Linux

--- ABOUT US ---

We are a team of 3 gamers that have a special love for developing games, we started the project around March 2015 and we have poured ourselves into it. We had help of some other talented developers, but at the core there are only 3 of us.